Monday, June 13, 2011

Teacher Treat

Got my craft on last week. It was the end of the school year so there was plenty to be done. Aside from making contraband cookies for the end of year pizza party (seriously you CANNOT make homemade items for schools anymore :-0) I wanted to make something for the teacher that she'd both use and enjoy. Starting point? CANDY! This lady loves candy like I love Matt Passmore (google him). SO I thought I'd do sort of a tackle box collection of candy and maybe asprin and hand lotion, but that didn't quite translate. But, what did work out was a darling purple tool box I found at Walmart for $5! The schools colors are purple and white so this was fantastic.

Obviously I tied a collection of ribbons along the handle. I mean I still have to make it pretty even though it's a pretty darned cute tool box (no I did not get myself one). Then the top had two flip open spots for nuts and bolts so of course I filled those with Good & Plenty, Lemon Drops and Hot Tamales. I mean who wouldn't?

Inside I filled with some hand decorated items for the classroom all in Concord Crush which is the perfect match to the school colors. I made a beaded RSVP pen, covered a small notepad and decorated it, covered some small binder clips in patterned paper, and wrapped some erasers and pencils in belly bands of patterned paper. She squealed with delight at all the treasures! And she hadn't even pulled up the tray yet to unearth the candypalooza that was going on in the bottom of that tool box!

Some things I left as is, I mean what's more beautiful than a giant Hershey bar? But other items I jazzed up a bit. The Hershey Kisses I put in a tiny brown bag that I decorated with more patterned paper and clipped closed with another decorated binder clip. The Skittles were added to a small medication bottle I beautified with yet MORE patterned paper as were the Sugar Babies.

All in all this was a huge hit with her! She said every year the teachers all compare what they got and have a few good laughs but THIS would be a gift that got some oooos and ahhhhs and a few jealous stares LOL. SUCCESS!


Marjorie said...

good for you. if there was ever a great gift for a teacher, this was it. congratulations to you and to Zachary too for being a good kindergarten mother and a good kindergarten kid!!!!

Anonymous said...

when you make mine - leave teh good and plenty out - i'm more of a raisinette type of gal.....