Sunday, September 16, 2012

LIfe Interrupted

Right so, here's the thing.  I always start something with the best of intentions.  I think I'll craft and blog and you'll all oh and ahh over how creative I am and what a supermom I've become.  But then reality sets in.  Someone around here always wants to eat (usually the husband and kids) and then someone needs their butt wiped (thankfully not the husband).  Then there are dishes that need cleaning so those same people can just dirty them again.   Oh and school has started up again so now there are even less hours in the day.  Really when did the day become 15 hours long?  I didn't sign off on that.

Right now as I survey my house I see a kid playing Legos in the middle of the floor, a kid wondering around with a stuffed animal and swords trying to sneak in a few wrestling moves before being told to knock it off, 2 our of four of the kitchen chairs unusable do to stacks of things I need to put away, two abandoned tv trays, a bassinette (my kids are 4 and 7 so it's not like anyone is sleeping in it), an ironing board and various other dropped items all littering the floor.  Oh and just now, even thought I thought I could sneak five straight minutes of typing I'm being asked what's for lunch.  See, someone always wants food!

Anyway for my own sanity and so no more of my friends have to block me of Facebook I think I'll take a moment or two every few days to spout of here.  I may throw in a recipe, a picture of cupcakes, a card I made, or celebrate an accomplishment but mostly it will be whatever is rattling around in my twisted little head.