Monday, June 6, 2011


Got my craft on yesterday while playing around with some scraps of paper. I needed a card for a workshop and it's been raining and gray here for weeks it seems. We've not so affectionately started calling this month Junuary. Anyway we needed some brightening up and I was inspired by a few things I had seen while driving so came up with this rainbow pieced card. Oddly enough it also happened to be the first day or ride out for the Aids Life Cycle and I have a few friends that ride so it became a really fitting card to showcase at my event. I've lost a very close family friend to AIDS years ago and the work that these riders do to fundraise, train and support each other in the community is nothing short of amazing. If you'd like more information about the ride and cause my friend Maynard has given me his blessing to link you to his page. Take a moment to visit it and see what all the joy is about. Maynard's Page

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