Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mummy Juice

Got my craft on yesterday. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I LOVE A THEME! So sticking with the mummy theme I've decorated juice boxes for the kids to enjoy at the Halloween party. Yes it's over a month out but seriously I'm so busy in October that what doesn't get done in September just doesn't get done. So it's highly likely you'll be seeing some more Halloween ideas in the weeks to come.

This project started with a bunch of juice boxes. Had I thought it out more I would have looked for one with green labeling or something because I ended up having to create a cardstock sleeve for these because the red showed through the masking tape so much. Never fear tho it's not too tough. Basically I used some scrap cardstock in a light mummy-ish color and cut it 4" wide and wrapped it around the box. Didn't even bother scoring. Then I wrapped that with as much masking tape as it needed to get covered and look scary (hahaha hardly). Then to kick up to real mummy status I sponged River Rock all over making sure to really rub it in to the edges of the masking tape. I think it takes it to the next level.

Next came the eyes. Once again had I thought this through I likely would have put the eyes in then added a little masking tape "gauze" over them too. Eh live and learn. I mean it's not like the kids mind or are going to throw these away after sucking up the juice right? I used Wild Wasabi for the eyelids and the same cardstock as the underneath for the eyes. The iris is Soft Sable. I sponged (of course) all around the eye then used a glue dot to attach them to the box. I think they look just silly enough to be perfect.

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Patricia said...

I think they ROCK! Fantastic job!